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Your business signage is often the first thing that existing and potential customers see. Making it eye-catching and creative creates a great first impression which will last. Minuteman Press can help you make the most of your advertising signs for business.


Our knowledgeable team will bring your brand to life, using only the highest quality materials and expert designers. Whether your preference is for quality digital printing, 3D fabrication, or Illumination, our signs will give your business the “Wow” factor. From professional, polished looks to colourful one-of-a-kind logos, we make your signage stand out.


If you think about it, you already own lots of advertising space. From the frontage and exterior of your business, to internal reception areas, walls and floors, windows and doors. We can engage your customers and promote your brand.


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Our Range of Business Signs

Signage for business comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the options you can choose from include:

  • Company signage: Make your name known with the use of lightboxes on your exterior fascia, or internally, below or above a counter. You could choose acrylic panels or lettering behind the reception area where you welcome your clientele.
  • Shopfront signage: Entice customers and improve your sales by using illuminated or 3D shop signage. Maybe a large banner would be suitable, advertising your unique goods and services.
  • Illuminated signs: Lighting up your business, even when you aren’t open, is a great way to draw the eye of clients and customers. This could take the form of lightbox signage or LED-backlit messages or details. Maybe a retro-style neon sign appeals to you.
  • Window signs: Using your window space forlo advertising could range from simple vinyl lettering to complete coverage from one-way vision signage — don’t worry, you can still see out. Graphic designs are customised to meet your individual requirements. We can even provide a window frosting for privacy if you need it.
  • Logo signs: Display your company logo front and centre to attract attention. We can help you design an eye-catching trademark for your brand, and then make sure it’s crafted and fitted for maximum effect.
  • Pylon signs: This freestanding business signage can be located where it will be seen clearly by passers-by. These are a great option for business parks, paved shopping areas, or factory complexes.
  • Lightbox signage: Visibility 24 hours a day exposes your business to more people. We can create custom lightboxes in Sydney to your specific design, or we can revamp an existing product.
  • One-way vision signage: Give yourself clear vision when looking out, while promoting your business on your windows. A perforated film with graphics applied allows you to maximise advertising space while giving you privacy.
  • A-frame signage: This portable option for promoting your business can be placed on a sidewalk or moved from place to place. Fabricated from PVC, plywood or metal, A-frame signs can be custom designed to deliver a single message or have interchangeable panels.
  • Hanging signage: Making the most of available space is essential when it comes to advertising signs for business. A hanging sign can easily be fixed outside or inside your premises, to highlight any message you want to get across to your customers.
  • Wall art graphics and wall signage: Liven up brickwork or a painted wall with a custom-made piece of art or a wall sign. This can transform dead space into an eye-catching area to delight your clientele.
  • Floor graphics and signage: The floors of your premises are areas that could easily be overlooked when it comes to their advertising potential. Creative graphics and signage can be applied so they transform, no longer being just something you walk on.
  • Reception signage: Create a professional look with a bespoke sign for the reception area of your business. It’s the first point of contact most people have with your business and you want it to leave a lasting impression. We ensure that the signage reflects the message you want to be seen, whether it’s colourful and bold or discreet and understated.
  • Directional signage: Make sure your customers can find you, or their way around your premises, by utilising the power of directional signs. These can be tailor-made to your specifications to assist with wayfinding, inside or outside.
  • Free-standing signs: Make sure you create an impact by having strategically placed, freestanding business signage. These could be pylon signs, billboards, hoarding signs, A-frames or monument signs. Whichever you choose, they will alert passing traffic to your presence, increasing trade.
  • Main building signs: Signage for your main premises can take many forms, from flags and pull up banners, to custom-built displays or graphic designs on your walls. Effective and eye-catching, they will increase the visibility of your brand and be an effective marketing tool.

This list is by no means exhaustive; Minuteman Press can add signage to anything you want a logo, name or image placed on. We will create external and internal signs that help you advertise, promote and market your business through effective signage.


We help you engage your customers and reinforce your brand through the power of printed products. Our expert designers will capture the unique solution for your business signs. We deliver a complete, personalised, professional service, in a timely manner, at an affordable price.


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Business Signage FAQ


How Can Signage Help my Business?

Promoting the image of your company helps customers identify you and creates a lasting impression. It advertises the products or services you offer and increases your market exposure. This, in turn, can increase sales and improve the success of your business.


How Much Does Business Signage Cost?

The subject of cost inevitably comes into play, no matter what advertising strategy you employ. At Minuteman Press, we can tailor a solution to suit your budget and produce the most effective, high-quality advertising signs to promote your business.


How Long Does It Take to Make a Sign?

Timelines will depend on the size of the project and the types of materials required. We will estimate this for you when we take on your project and do our utmost to meet the predicted deadlines.


What Type of Business Signage Should I Choose?

Various factors will be considered when deciding what type of signs are best suited for your business. It depends on where you are located, what type of business you are promoting, whether you want internal or external signage, plus a multitude of other things. Our expert consultants will ensure they find the correct solution, uniquely designed for you.


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