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Car Wrapping Sydney

You’ve invested money in your vehicle, so of course, you want to protect it. What better way to do so than to let Minuteman Press create your own personal custom car wrapping in Sydney?


Your car will be transformed in a matter of days, without the permanence — or expense — of a paint job. Choose from a solid colour, car wrap sticker or a unique design, created in high-quality vinyl. 


Once applied, it will not only look good but help keep your existing paintwork protected.


A  vinyl wrap can help shield your car from the elements, minor scratches and stone chips.


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Get Creative

If you have an idea of how you would like your car to look, we can turn your thoughts into a reality. Maybe you want a clear film to keep your new car looking pristine, and help retain its value. Yes, vehicle vinyl wrap protects your paintwork and doesn’t cause damage when it’s removed.

Alternatively, let your inner design demons loose and create any type of car sign, logo or insignia, in whatever colours take your fancy. Cover up fading paintwork and make your old banger look like new again … Or design a sleek, stylish wrap to protect your late model ride.

While this treatment should last anything up to five years, you can change it or update it as often as you like. Cheaper than buying a new car, car wrap costing could save you a fortune.


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Only the Best Will Do

Knowing you are getting a quality vinyl will give you peace of mind. It will do the job it’s intended for — making your car look good and preserving it. Minuteman Press, a car wrapping company uses only the best types of vinyl available for your wrap, including 3M, Hexis and Avery. 

Choose from various finishes, including matte, gloss, fluorescent, or metallic. Designs can be added to suit your preferences, and we can even cover windows. 

Whatever your choice, you can be assured Minuteman Press will provide top quality results and excellent customer service. Designing, printing and promoting are things we excel at. Your vinyl car wrap will be delivered in a timely manner and at a competitive cost.


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Car Wrapping FAQ

How Will Car Wrapping Benefit My Vehicle?

We have mentioned the advantages of having your car wrapped. It protects the original paintwork or completely changes the look of your vehicle. Maybe you love your car but fancy a colour change, or you might want some signage to promote your business. 

Whatever the reason, it’s a “temporary restoration” that won’t damage and devalue your vehicle when it’s removed.

How Long Will My Car Wrap Last?

A vinyl wrap on your car should last between three and five years. High-quality adhesives are used to keep it in place until you are ready to remove it. You should, however, consider removal if the vinyl is damaged or when it starts lifting.

Can a Vinyl Car Wrap Damage My Vehicle?

This specialist style wrapping won’t damage the paintwork on your car. Nevertheless, if you have existing flaking paint, rust patches, scratches or stone chips, these must be repaired before applying the vinyl. If this isn’t carried out first, the paint could lift off with the wrap when it’s removed.

Can I Get My Vehicle Partially Wrapped?

Yes, you can, although a full car wrap will offer better protection. If you just want to wrap part of your car to customise the look, such as the side panels, bonnet, boot or doors, then this is possible. 

How Do I Care for a Vinyl Car Wrap?

The vinyl used to wrap cars is designed to be lightweight but durable. It is easy to care for as long as you know what to do. However, you should avoid pressure washing, as this could lift the wrap.

Use a regular two-in-one style cleaner that you would use on your regular painted car. Hand wash it about every two weeks to keep it looking good. Car washes are OK as long as they are brushless ones. 

Polishing is not necessary when it comes to a car wrap. Neither should you use any abrasive or paint cutting treatments, or scrub too hard, as this could damage the finish.

Areas like the boot lid, roof and bonnet can degrade if they are exposed to atmospheric pollutants and sun for long periods. So, if you can, keep your car out of harsh weather conditions when you can. Just as you would with a regular paint job, clean off any bird droppings, bugs, tree sap or other contaminants that bond to paint. 

How Much Does Car Wrapping Cost?


The price of car wrapping varies, depending on the type of wrap, its design and the size and shape of your vehicle. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind, so we can give you a competitive quote.


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