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Floor Signage by Minuteman Press, Sydney

In an age when many people walk around looking down while using smartphones, floor signage is an emerging way to market and advertise your business. You can capture the attention of these potential customers who might walk right by your wall stickers, banners, or window signs.

Maybe you’re hosting a special event and want to point people in the right direction, or — in line with the “new normal” — you need social distancing floor stickers.

Whatever the reason, at Minuteman Press Parramatta, we can help with your floor signage design. We deliver a first-class service and top-quality products to match your budget. Whether you want indoor floor decals or outdoor asphalt stickers, we have you covered. Our custom floor signs will grab the attention of passing traffic, and draw them into your business.

Make Floor Signage Work for You

Floor graphics come in different shapes and sizes, and they can serve many purposes. You could use them to direct people towards a particular area, advertise your latest promotions, or convey a marketing message. They can also be used to illustrate rostrums, demarcate areas and sections at exhibitions or events, or direct footfall in retail stores.

They are informative, eye-catching, and cost-effective. Some of the floor signage options available include:

These lend themselves perfectly for displaying information or advertising products inside your premises, on the sidewalk outside, or in the car park. It’s hard not to see a floor sticker when you’re walking directly over it. Your custom design will pop with the use of full digital colour and innovative designs.

Similar to stickers, these decals are great for short or long-term use in high traffic areas. They can be custom designed in unique shapes and sizes, to complement your brand and meet your requirements.

Floor stickers are available for specific use on concrete floors, paved walkways, asphalt, and other outdoor spaces. These are manufactured with super-strong adhesive and have non-slip textured surfaces. Turn underutilised space into an advertising haven that won’t break the bank.

These are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use. They can welcome your customers in a retail setting or give directional information in hospitals, chemists, or a doctor’s surgery. They generally resist scuffing, scratching, and slipping, and don’t fade.

Our world has changed in recent times and social distancing has become part of everyday life. Utilising floor signage is a cost-effective way of making sure your premises meets legal requirements and keeps everyone safe.

Select Minuteman Press for Your Custom Floor Signs

Custom floor signage is your ideal solution to make the most of space without cluttering up walls and windows. It’s perfect for many different surfaces at exhibitions, social events, trade shows, weddings, conferences, and sporting events. Then there is the advertising potential for retail stores, offices, and other businesses or organisations.

The applications are limitless, and Minuteman Press is your ideal partner to create the bespoke design you want. We can take your inspiration and turn it into floor signage that will capture and enchant your audience. We help you explore this alternative angle to build awareness of your brand or message.

Floor signage is a cost-effective marketing solution, and we promise you the highest quality in workmanship and design.

Speak to us today and find out about your options for floor signage, call us on 02 8897 2194, or fill in our contact form.

Floor Signage FAQ

What Are Floor Decals?

Floor decals are thin, slip-resistant, self-adhesive graphics, mainly used to advertise or give directional signs in businesses or retail stores. They offer a durable solution which won’t break the bank and delivers bang for your buck.

How Long Does Floor Signage Last?

Floor signage is a semi-permanent solution for directional requirements, retail and business sales and promotions, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more. Indoors, they can last anything up to 5 years or more. However, they are easily removed if you want to change them out for new designs.

What Surfaces Can Floor Signage Be Installed On?

Floor signs can be made for tiled, hardwood, laminate, or sealed concrete floors. Then there are sidewalks, asphalt, and paved surfaces. Minuteman Press will find the best solution to match your requirements and deliver a product you will be satisfied with.

What Is the Difference Between Floor Decals, Floor Stickers and Floor Graphics?

These three products are essentially the same thing. They all have adhesive backing and are affixed to floors. They are designed for one-time use and can’t be removed and reused in a different location — although their affordability means you can change them out without busting your budget.

Does Minuteman Press Offer Different Shapes and Sizes of Floor Signage?

Yes, we do. Our floor signage is custom designed to your specifications. You can choose from rectangles, square, sharp or rounded corners, ovals or circles, or bespoke shapes.

Can Floor Signage Have a 3D Effect?

Clever use of graphics can give your floor signage a 3D effect to make the colours pop and stand out from the crowd. Our innovative designs will make your floor graphics shine.

Is Floor Signage Easy to Install?

Yes, you just need to ensure that the surface you are applying it to is clean and dry. Remember, it might be easier to do with two people, to make sure you don’t get wrinkles or air bubbles — or to prevent the decal or sticker adhering to itself. Take your time, working from one edge across to the other, smoothing it down as you go.

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