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Ever wondered what media walls are? They are the backdrop you see at red-carpet events, exhibitions, presentations, product launches, branded events, or behind retail displays. They advertise and market brands using images, logos, and event names, among other promotions.

With modern designs, and super high-quality build, at Minuteman Press, we can create a media wall for your next event. It will be customised to your exact specifications and printed with high-resolution inks in colours that pop. Portable and lightweight, our versatile media wall is a cost-effective setting to make your message shine.

Media Walls 101

Media walls are a common sight at conferences, social events, trade shows, exhibitions, theatre events, and, of course, at famous red-carpet events. They are now frequently seen at parties, weddings, and other personal events, or as a backdrop for graduations, presentations, and more.

Often accompanied by media wall banners, they set the scene, forming a backdrop which highlights your brand, logo, or imagery. They can range from the simplest graphics, like your company or event name, to intricate designs with photo-quality media wall printing.

The medium used could be vinyl or fabric, and it can be attached to wood, or a frame, similar to a pull banner. Both can stand alone, making them portable and versatile. While a media wall might be a more expensive choice than some other forms of marketing, it is durable and can be used over and over again.

We mentioned that media walls are generally printed on vinyl or fabric. Here are some things to consider when choosing which is most suitable for your project:

  • Fabric media walls tend to look more high end, but you need to make sure they are stretched properly. You don’t want to see wrinkles obscuring the graphics. These walls are likely to cost a little more as well.
  • Vinyl media walls are more cost-effective and might stand up better to the elements. On the downside, they can be reflective, which is not so good for the paparazzi! You could, however, choose a vinyl with a matte finish to reduce glare.

Custom media walls are offered in several different formats. The most popular ones are:

  • Retractable media walls: These work in a similar way to a pull-up banner, but they are larger and longer. Printed as a single-sided option, they retract easily for transportation and take up a very small amount of floor space.
  • Pop-Up media walls: Working on a similar principle to a marquee frame, these media walls take up a little more space than a pull-up. One of their advantages is you can have a double-sided display, with different graphics on each side. Once assembled, you also might need to weight the frame, to ensure it stays securely in place.

Choosing a design for your media wall can be as simple or intricate as you want. Minuteman Press, Parramatta, is on hand to help you decide which would be best for you. Some of the factors to think about include:

  • Logo or image repetition: This method uses a single logo or image, which is repeated in horizontal or diagonal lines with space in between. This method can also be used with alternating logos and images. It’s a bit like a wallpaper design, with the pattern repeating and embedding itself in the eye of the viewer.
  • Murals: Capture the eye of your target audience with a media wall printed with an image pertinent to your event or marketing campaign. These vibrant, colourful displays can highlight details or offers, such as a promotional giveaway.
  • Multiple logos: An event might be sponsored by numerous companies, there may be a number of professional affiliates or lists of preferred clients. These types of media walls can reflect high levels of brand recognition and suggest your company has established networking capabilities.
  • Single logo simplicity: Less can sometimes be more, with a media wall featuring just a single logo or brand image, standing out on its own.

Let Minuteman Press, Parramatta Create Your Media Wall

When we approach a media wall printing project, we take all factors into account, listening to what you want. We then ensure it’s delivered to an exacting quality and finish.

We consider whether you need to block off some space, want it floor to ceiling, or just to waist height. Maybe you want it to act as a funnel, to point your guests in a particular direction.

Our printing is executed to the highest standards, for wording, logos and images, on the most appropriate medium. We make sure your colours pop and are sharp and clear.

Once we agree on all the features, we will manufacture your media wall in a timely manner, and keep you in the loop throughout the process. We promise to deliver cost-effective solutions for your custom media wall backdrop for your next event.

You could say the writing is on the wall with this system that targets your customers or guests. Media walls are an effective way to achieve maximum exposure while remaining on budget.

Media Walls FAQ

Does Minuteman Press Custom Build Media Walls?

Yes. Here at Minuteman Press, we create bespoke media walls to your specifications. We will design and create different sizes and shapes, to fit around your event and get your message across.

Are Media Walls Suitable for Trade Show Displays?

Media walls are a popular choice of backdrop for trade show events and exhibition booths. They are cost effective and easy to transport and install.

Can Images Be Used on a Media Wall?

Yes, they can. We make sure that your high-resolution photographs form an integral part of your display if that’s what you want.

Can a media Wall be Updated?

Once you have the framework, then new banners can be fabricated to fit, if you want to change them.

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