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Signs by Minuteman Press, Sydney

Signs that are eye-catching and custom made for you will attract attention and convey the message you want to get across to others. Minuteman Press offers bespoke design, printing, and marketing services. We cater for small and large businesses, government groups, organisations, non-profit organisations, schools, local theatres, entrepreneurs, consumers, and more.

Our attention to detail is second to none, and we work tirelessly to ensure the sign we create for you exceeds your expectations. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers, by understanding their needs and tailoring each job to fit. We love a challenge and are happy to think outside the box to deliver a unique solution for your project.

Custom Signs

Signs come in many shapes and sizes, and are created from lots of different materials. Here are some of the most popular types:

Signs formulated from corrugated plastic are cost effective and lightweight. They lend themselves to a wide range of indoor and outdoor signage needs. You may also see them referred to by brand names such as Corflute, Corex, Coroplast or Plasticor — all versions of this polypropylene, twin-walled sheet.

These signs can be customised to accommodate your needs. You can select from different thicknesses, finishes, and colours. Easy to install, they can be attached to ceilings or posts, or hung from walls.

Corrugated plastic signs can be used for:

  • Special event signage.
  • Menu boards.
  • Informational signs.
  • Direction signs.
  • Promotional or temporary signs.
  • Trade shows.
  • Point of purchase signs.
  • Political signs

Here at Minuteman Press, we help you design your perfect corrugated plastic sign, advising you how to maximise their effectiveness. We can add sign writing, logos or graphic symbols, borders, stripes, and lettering — in colours and styles of your choice.

These signs can be self-supporting on an easel, framed and staked, have suction cups attached, or double-sided tape. They are also easy to clean — all you need is soap, water, and a squeegee.

PVC — or to give it its full name, polyvinyl chloride — is a durable, medium-weight material. It is easily customised to create professional-looking, high-quality signage. It’s great for short term outdoor use or long term indoor use, and is easy to transport and install.

It generally has a matte finish, which won’t reflect glare, or show fingerprints. It is available in a variety of colours, and is easily cut into shapes, so you can create custom applications, such as:

  • Menu boards.
  • Name tags and nameplates.
  • Informational signs.
  • Directional signs.
  • Political and election signs.
  • Point-of-purchase displays

These signs can be self-supporting using an easel, hung from walls or ceilings, or attached with suction cups or Velcro. Minuteman Press can personalise them to your requirements with our innovative use of lettering, logos, or graphics.

Foam board offers a lightweight, affordable solution for temporary or permanent custom signs. This versatile material usually has three layers — an outer coating of either paper, fabric, or rigid plastic, encasing inner layers of polyurethane or polystyrene. It’s available in varying thicknesses, from as little as 3mm, right up to 20 mm.

This material can be used to mount designs ranging in colour, size and shape. Whatever your ideas, Minuteman Press can help them become reality with bespoke signage. Some of the uses of foam board sign printing include:

  • Mounting photographs.
  • Special sale or promotional signs.
  • Visual aids for presentations.
  • Tradeshow signs.
  • Conference or seminar signs.
  • Advertising events.

Foam board can be damaged if not cared for properly. Therefore, it lends itself to permanent displays in places where it won’t be touched, such as aisle signage in shops. That being said, it’s an excellent multi-purpose option for sign manufacturers like us to work with.

When you want weather-resistant, durable signage, Corflute would be a good choice. It’s made from a double-ribbed plastic material and comes in different thicknesses. It’s also lightweight and can be adapted to different shapes, depending on your project.

The sign printing on this material offers plenty of options, including full-colour images, different text, or innovative graphics. Some of the uses of Corflute signage include:

  • Real estate signs.
  • Informational signs.
  • Advertising signs.
  • Event signs.
  • Construction industry signs.
  • Shop signs.
  • Business signs.

Minuteman Press is a sign company you can rely on to produce top-quality Corflute signs every time. We endeavour to provide you with fast turnaround times and great pricing.

Acrylic is used to manufacture plastic sheets that have a high gloss finish and are very versatile. If you want a high-tech, sophisticated look, then these could be the signs for you.

Sometimes known as Plexiglass, this durable material comes in different colours, and often used for illuminated signs. It can be heated to form different shapes and is a popular choice for projects like:

  • Combined signs and easels.
  • Menu boards.
  • Boxes.
  • Brochure holders.
  • Exhibits at trade shows.
  • Retail signage.
  • Restaurant signage.
  • Reception signage.
  • Office building signs.
  • Informational signs.
  • Directional signs.
  • Point of purchase products.
  • Showroom signs.
  • Name badges and nameplates

Acrylic can be customised in many ways, by adding multiple lettering colours, borders, stripes, logos, and graphics. Multiple layers can be used to enhance images, and depth can be added for 3D effects.

Choose Minuteman Press Sign Printing in Sydney

Custom signs are our speciality, no matter how large or small your project. We have many materials and designs for you to choose from, or you can create your own, with our expert help.

If you can put a name, image or logo on it, we are able to create it for you. Our aim is to help you advertise and promote your services and products, and assist in growing and marketing your business. Printed marketing delivers a powerful message that is eye-catching and reinforces your brand.

Partnering with Minuteman Press guarantees you a personalised service, printing custom signs that are delivered to the highest standards, at competitive prices. Let us design, print, and promote your next signage campaign.

Signs FAQ

What Signs does Minuteman Press Offer?

We can offer you all the signs we have featured above and more. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will find a solution for the custom signage you require. Nothing is impossible and we thrive on offering you the best products to meet, if not exceed, your requirements.

How Long Can I Expect My Signs to Last?

The length of time your sign will last depends on the type you choose. Various factors, such as the materials used, their exposure to the elements, and how often they are moved, can all affect their life expectancy. We will advise you of the anticipated life expectancy of the signs we create for you — and you can be assured that we only use premium materials, so you get the best from our products.

How Can I Look After My Signs?

Regular cleaning, with a soft rag or sponge, together with some soapy water, will keep your signs looking good. This will remove grime and dirt, and prevent the sun from baking it onto outdoor signs. Pay particular attention to bird droppings, making sure they are removed as soon as possible, as their acidity can cause damage.

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