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Office stationery is an important aspect in running any business. Whether your company logo is printed on a business card or splashed across on a letterhead, it is what remains with your clients.

Having steady and professional office stationery reflects your company and makes a bold statement. Office stationery is one of the main marketing tool.

The image presented to your clients should leave a memorable impression for your company, which in return will do our company justice.

At Minuteman Press Parramatta, our skilled team will do everything from assisting you with a design and concept for your company logo, to applying it to all forms of stationery. Your letterheads, business cards, ‘with compliments’ slips, envelopes and much more will all be uniform and consistent. With many different stocks, colours and finishes, we will tailor make ideas to suit your business the best.

Photos of letterheads, envelopes and compliments slip and notepads.


We all notice great looking Business cards which are a great branding opportunity. Business cards are one of the best and most powerful networking tools you can have. It is the item of office stationery that you hand out the most and should be key to a great set of stationery. Even if you sell online, it makes good sense to include your Business card with every delivery. Your Business card should showcase the strength of personality, sincerity and quality of your company, persuading every potential customer to utilize your services. With our in-house design services, we can tailor make a business card design to make your Business stand out from the rest.


Often referred to as the letter box mini bill board, when you only have 3 seconds to get your message across. These are a low-cost and effective way to promote your business. With a bold, colourful design they can be very informative and deliver a direct message without a lot of text. A well-designed Marketing Card is worth the investment. Their sizes make them easy to transport and they can be used for trade shows, mail-out campaigns and over the counter give away items.

Marketing Cards come in many different shapes and colours. The format you decide to go with is not as important as driving your message home. The Minuteman Press will form, fold and cut your Marketing Card into the exact specifications you want.


A flyer is judged so quickly it’s either thrown into the bin or bought inside a home or a business for a long time. A flyer is generally used to grab the attention of a potential customer. The design and message need to be bold and enticing to attract the attention of a person. Flyers are great for one off events, special offers and are an easy way to advertise, as they are a convenient way of spreading the word about your company. Whatever idea you might be thinking about, it will transform into a flyer that captures imagination in a printed form. With a limited time, offer advertised on them, flyers are a great marketing tool that can generate excitement and a call to action.

The Minuteman Press Parramatta offers a professional flyer printing service that transforms promotional material into tempting valuables.

Flyers can be folded into various ways, please see the images below.


Brochures help keep all your service and product details on top of mind. High quality designed brochures are an excellent way to showcase your Company. Great for effective communication and impressive branding, there are a few folding options like full-colour tri-fold, flat, z-fold and bi-fold. They offer relatively inexpensive, resourceful and effective promotional indemnity.

We offer all the folding options, gloss or matt finishes, double-sided full colour printing and premium variety paper stocks to be expertly printed and finished to achieve the end goal it was created for.

Brochures can attract a potential client to learn more about the range of services and products your company can offer them. To Be effective, it needs to be graphically engaging and carefully scripted.

Minuteman Press Parramatta can be your marketing partner, assisting and advising on design, print and distribution of your brochures.


Impress your potential clients and existing clients with a high quality full colour booklet that is either saddle stitched, wire bound, comb bound or perfect bound.

Saddle stitch booklets – this is the most common form for binding booklets, a simple technique that uses two staples along the spine to bind them. This style is suited for self-covered booklets or plus cover booklets.

Wire bound –  Booklets are punched along the left side with a series of holes, then a twin loop wire is inserted through the holes and closed at the end. These booklets have a plastic front cover and thicker back cover for durability.

Perfect bound – this is a widely used soft cover book binding technique. The pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong glue. The soft cover books that we see on the shelves of a bookstore are good examples of a perfect bound book.

Comb bound – this technique uses a lightweight plastic to bind booklets of up to 3 cm in thickness. This style is the most economical of all, they are meant for short term use as they can be damaged easily with continuous use and everyday handling.


Presentation Folders come in a variety of styles, designed to carry a few inserts or a full conference kit made from durable card with or without a gusset. Depending on your needs, templates can include details such as a pocket, business card holder or even a wrap-around self-lock.

Whether you’re going to a business meeting, supplying a quote to a potential client or sending promotional material, presentation folders set your company apart from the rest. Make an impression and create the image that is right for your company


Why bother looking for a signage of success when you can create your own success with some stunning signs and banners. We provide all types of personalised signs and banners for indoor and outdoor displays. Let us know your particular specifications and we can advise on the perfect option to satisfy your needs.

If you have a business event, a conference, trade show, family party or a celebration, we can help to decorate and punctuate the theme and aim of the event with our best looking signs, banners and posters.

Banners are lightweight, easy to transport and assemble, pull up banners are designed to get noticed at any exhibition or event, it’s available in various sizes to suit your business needs.

We can produce it all, whether it be a pull up banner, corflute sign, metal and aluminium sign, shops signs or pavement signs, if you have something else in mind contact us to discuss just how comprehensive our range is!


Calendars are one of the most useful and effective types of printed promotional material. We all know the purpose of a calendar and that they are generally used daily and in some cases by more than one person. The purpose of a custom printed calendar, with your branding on it, is to keep your business in front of your clients all year round 365 days. With wall or desk calendars being seen for an entire year, you can choose to add seasonal or monthly specials to promote your business.

With a variety of different styles such as wall, desk, magnetic, pocket and even poster calendars to pick from, you can certainly find one that suits. Start your calendar at any month of the year. It doesn’t have to be January, some companies choose to start with the new financial year. If creating a personal calendar with photos of your family or friends, you can begin with the month of a special celebration, a milestone or anniversary including family birthdays, special events or quotes. Personalising your calendar makes a great gift for all members of the family. The possibilities for style, design, size, colour and finishes is endless.


Corporate apparel gives your team a professional and polished look. Whether it is a branded polo shirt embroidered with your company logo, or a complete outfit, we can give your company the look and feel you’re after. With many corporate apparel ranges to choose from, we can help put together a uniform that meets every budget, style and job description.

Many of the apparel ranges available offer comfortable and practical pieces that suit all body shapes and sizes, without compromising on style or quality. They also offer hard-wearing fabrics that have been designed for the demands of some of the most rigorous working environments. Selecting a range that your team feels relaxed and comfortable wearing, while also knowing they look good, is very important.

Polo shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, hats, scarves, sportswear, shirts, dresses, knitwear, vests, trousers, skirts, suit jackets, ties, industrial work wear and much more.


Be prepared for your next training session, with training manuals that are clear and effective to use. Don’t hand out single pieces of paper that can be lost or damaged. Produce a D Ring folder that is durable, user friendly and allows extra pages to be added if you still have handouts. Including tabs in your manual makes it easy to find the different sections, especially if the content is heavy with text. D Ring folders come in a range of sizes, so we can accommodate content from a few sheets, to a few hundred sheets.

If D Ring folders are too big and bulky and you would like something a little easier to carry, we can also produce manuals that are wire bound. With wire bound manuals we can still include tabs; however this style doesn’t allow extra pages to be added at a later date.

Tabs are specially printed to suit your content, and if it’s a manual that is being used repeatedly, you can also choose to have the tabs Mylar (plastic coated) for extra strength.


The smallest touches make the biggest impact, such as labels or stickers, designed, customised and printed for your needs. Quality designed and printed labels can set you apart and are a great way to impress without being expensive. Choose from uncoated labels that can be used to address the backs of envelopes or coated ones for jars or bottles.

Our labels can be ordered either in sheets or on a roll depending on your needs. Special finishes such as foiling, embossing and textured papers can also be included and we can also work with you if there are special requirements for the labels to be used on a production line.

Labels don’t need to be restricted to standard shapes either. Custom shapes can be created to enhance your design. Outdoor vinyl labels that can withstand the elements, and clear label options, can also be produced. Available in a range of sizes and colours, we can assist you in producing the right label.


Posters are a great way to take your message to the masses in vibrant eye-catching colour. Available in a range of sizes, posters can be printed as a one-off or by the hundreds. We can also laminate them for durability or mount them if they are to be on display or for a presentation.

Say it loud, say it proud, big and bold will get your business noticed.


We offer direct mailing solutions and services that are targeted and effective in keeping you ahead of your competitors. Working with Australia Post and local providers to lodge all types of direct mail wether addressed mail or unaddressed mail- including enveloped letters, brochures, flyers and publications – we can distribute your campaign on time, within budget, within Australia and overseas. Postage is one of the largest costs in the mailing process. We sort through your data to ensure its error free, and that postage costs are kept to a minimum.

If you consider the costs for a staff member to put a direct mail campaign together, sorting the data base, printing, stock, folding, inserting and mailing, it soon becomes an extremely expensive and time-consuming task. We cater for any size of mail out and have the equipment to plastic wrap publications, flyers, brochures and annual reports. We make it simple and easy to give your business a top quality and professional mailing campaign.

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